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Just like any pursuit, riding a motorcycle lends itself to a serious examination of the wide variety of kit (or "gear" to you non-British types :p). Maybe you aren't inclined to be an ATTGATT (All the gear, all the time) sort of rider, but getting caught in a downpour, riding in colder weather, dealing with the heat, and just plain trying to stay as comfortable as possible while you ride will have you looking into new and different kinds of gear at some point along your journey.

The articles here might count as reviews of various brands, but that really isn't the point. I'm always looking to improve my motorcycling experience and as a result, I continue to pick up new gear or replace worn gear. As my riding kit continues to evolve, I will have opinions on how a helmet or jacket might perform, how it affected my riding experience, and what I might consider in the eternal quest to improve that experience. You can expect to find those opinions here.

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