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Moto Culture

For most motorcyclists riding is, almost by definition, a solitary pursuit. Even when you ride with friends or a club, your experience is independent of the experience of of the person riding just ahead of you, right next to you, or even on the seat right behind you. The camaraderie and fellowship motorcyclists are famous for occurs whenever there is an opportunity to talk to a fellow motorcyclist and compare those experiences.

Those opportunities are the basis for this section. From group rides to conventions, from monthly meet-ups to special events, there are a wide variety of ways in which motorcyclists gather. The experience of riding and the interest in this particular mode of transportation can create an inclination to share in that experience with others who have a similar understanding of what it is that keeps you riding.

And, as I will explore here, "motorcyclist"or "biker" does not mean the same the same things to everyone who rides. Put a few motorcyclists together, and you will likely discover a subculture within a subculture within a subculture based on the brand of motorcycle some ride, how old it is, what type of riding they do, how old they are, and even how mechanically inclined they are. And all of those vary from region to region all across the country.

If this sounds interesting to you, it is absolutely fascinating to me. I am excited to explore those subcultures within the world of motorcycling.

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