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There are many, many people who will tell you that they love to travel. What most really mean is that they like to vacation in cool places with friends and relatives whenever they can afford the time and cost.

But there are some for whom travel, in any form, is like the air they breathe. How long is the journey? It could be down to the corner store and back and they will get something out of it. Hw do they get to where they are going? Whether they walk, ride, drive, fly, or sail, they could go the exact same place and still draw inspiration from how they got there, and in what season. It doesn't matter how often or how far they travel; for some, travel in all of it's many forms is a constant source of inspiration.

Whether it's the daily commute or an epic journey, there is always a story to tell about getting from one place to another. Here are just a few of those I have experienced, randomness and all. Before, during and after, whether unforeseen trials and tribulations, or unexpected joys and beauty, this is my journey on two wheels.

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